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Faculty members play an important role in implementing approved accommodations for students with disabilities.

  • Coordinate private discussion with a student once approved accommodations are identified. Communication regarding any specific arrangements that are needed to implement the accommodations should be determined.
  • Implement accommodations in a timely and fair manner.
  • Contact the Office of Disability Services if there are any questions regarding accommodations.
  • Include a statement on syllabi informing students about the Office of Disability Services


[email protected]

Smyrna Campus: 615-220-7857

Moore County, McMinnville and Fayetteville Campuses: 931-393-1765



Faculty will receive a secure email message outlining the approved accommodations for students registered with the Office of Disability Services. The message will ask that faculty send a response confirming receipt of the notification.

Students receive a copy of the notification. Students should discuss the accommodations with faculty for implementation of the plan. Faculty should maintain the notification on file and review as needed.


Accommodations are meant to provide a means for students with disabilities to have equal access to the valuable education and activities offered to all Motlow students. Reviewing a few tips can support the provision of a welcoming and accessible environment.

Communicate the Plan to Implement Accommodations

Most requested accommodations will be related to testing and notes or note-taking. Discuss specific arrangements such as note-taking devices that will be used or how notes will be provided. Communicate the arrangements for exams before exam dates.

  • Students should schedule an exam appointment in advance if they plan to use the Testing Center and the instructor agrees with the arrangements. Faculty may send testing information to the Testing Center ahead of the student’s exam appointment
  • Faculty can work with the student to use space in a campus library or private office for testing accommodations if the student is not using the Testing Center
  • Students should schedule exam appointments with enough time to complete the exam within hours of operation for the location they are using, such as the Testing Center
  • Students should not miss class material due to a scheduled exam. If the student does not have enough time to sit for the exam and receive the extended time allotted, it may be appropriate to schedule the exam at another time

Be Prepared

  • When using visual or audio materials, have captioned or caption-ready versions in case a request is made
  • Keep clear aisles in the classroom space, allowing those with mobility devices to navigate around the classroom
  • Service animals are allowed as part of basic access. A service animal is a dog trained to do work or perform a task for a person with a disability. Miniature horses are also allowed as service animals and should be permitted where reasonable. A student does not have to register with the Office of Disability Services to have a service animal on campus

Discuss Behavior Expectations

Students may become overwhelmed and have difficulty maintaining behavior in class without accommodations. Accommodations allow the student opportunity to adjust to the environment and support the student’s success in the class. 

Faculty may receive notice of accommodations related to environmental adjustments for students with disabilities that may have different cognitive function or behavior traits such as neurodiversity. Consider additional communication with the student about expectations.

  • Discuss using a cue with the student as needed in class to support communication of class expectations. A meeting with the student should occur to communicate the specific cue that will be used and what it means when used so that the student knows what action to take when the cue is used
  • Discuss what would be the best location for the student in the classroom if the student needs to take a break and leave the classroom for a few moments
  • Ask the student questions to make sure there is understanding of the expectations in the classroom

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