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Apply to Motlow State

At Motlow State, you'll get an affordable, quality education that's close to where you live. Choose a job ready certificate or take your transfer ready Motlow degree to a four-year university.


[email protected]

Request information

  • Submit all official high school and college transcripts. Request that your high school/college(s) forward an official transcript to our Office of Admissions and Records. If you have a GED, request that a reporting institution sends a copy directly to our Office of Admissions and Records
  • Submit your official ACT report. Use code 4003. If you are 21 years of age or older, you are not required to submit an ACT Report*
  • Provide proof of United States citizenship or lawful presence
  • Submit required immunization documents: 

Placement Scores Note*

  • For placement purposes, new freshmen are encouraged to submit official ACT or SAT scores achieved within the last five (5) years. 
  • Recent high school graduates with cumulative high school GPAs of 3.6 or higher may register for any course that does not include a prerequisite.
  • Recent high school graduates with cumulative high school GPAs below 3.6 who elect to enroll without test scores will be placed in learning support courses. New applicants should consider discussing this option with a Student Success Advisor as the absence of test scores could affect opportunities such as scholarships, honors, and HOPE eligibility.
  • Students without test scores or whose scores and/or GPA are over five (5) years old will need to schedule the ACCUPLACER exam through the Testing Center.

Mailing Address

Office of Admissions and Records
Dept. 520
P.O. Box 8500
Lynchburg, TN 37352-8500


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