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How to Register for Classes

First-time freshmen register for classes at New Student Orientation. Follow the steps below to prepare for your registration and ensure you get the classes you need.

There are two powerful ways to search for and register for classes:

  1. See all available classes: Use the full course schedule
  2. Filter classes by day, time, and campus: Use the Schedule Planner


How to View The Full Course Schedule

  1. Log into your MyMotlow account located in the MotlowHub
  2. Select
    • Student Tab
    • Registration from Student menu
    • Add or Drop Classes – select term, for example, Spring 2021
      • If you already have the CRN’s, type them in here and click Submit. If no CRN’s, continue to
    • Class Search
    • Advanced Class Search
  3. Select the class that you want to register for, for example, English
  4. Enter the course number, continued example: 1020 (for English II)
  5. Select the Campus you would like to attend
  6. Click the Search button
    • C = closed class
    • ❑ = the class is available for registration
    • If the box does not have a “C” or a selectable clear box, it means that you are already registered in that class
  7. Select the class that you would like to register for
    • Please review the classes carefully to make sure you know what the class format is
  8. Click the “REGISTER” button

How to Use Schedule Planner

  1. Log into your MyMotlow account located in the MotlowHub
  2. Select
    • Student Tab
    • Registration from Student menu
    • Schedule Planner (click on Schedule Planner) – choose the term, for example: Spring 2021
    • Select Campus
  3. Click Add Course
    • From the drop-down boxes:
      • Select the subject, then
      • Select the course
    • Click “Add Course”. A confirmation message will be displayed
    • Repeat until all desired courses are added
  4. After all courses have been added, click on “Schedule Planner” at top of page
  5. Add Breaks for when you do not want to take classes
    • Click “Add Break”
    • Name the break
    • Set Times & Select Days
    • Click Add Break
  6. Now, click “Generate Schedules” -> A list of schedules will appear. Click “View” to see the first one
    • Upper right-hand corner are arrows to scroll left or right through schedules
    • Please review the classes carefully to make sure you know what the class format is. You can do this by double clicking on the class block
  7. While viewing desired schedule, click on “Send to Shopping Cart”. This will return you to MyMotlow
    • You are not yet registered for these classes
  8. To complete registration, you much click “REGISTER” in the Schedule Planner Cart

Early Bird LogoRegistration is Open

Returning Motlow students scroll to the top of the page for directions on how to register for classes. There is a different checklist to help new students apply and register.

Early Birds Get The Best Schedules

  1. Register early and enjoy broader course selection options.
  2. Ensure your seat in essential classes.
  3. Get the schedule that meets your needs.
  4. Get the classes you need and the time you want.
  5. Create a class schedule that accommodates your work schedule.
  6. Create a schedule that accommodates your childcare availability.
  7. Create a schedule that accommodates your family obligations.
  8. Select classes with your favorite instructors while there are still seats available.
  9. Choose classes that are essential to stay on track for graduation.
  10. Get your seat in courses only offered certain semesters.
  11. Ensure you get into the classes that fit your graduation plan.
  12. Get a seat in limited no-cost textbook courses.
  13. Take advantage of Motlow’s limited zero-cost degree plans.
  14. Registering early helps ensure your financial aid covers your class schedule.
  15. Schedule classes early enough to review your schedule with your Completion Coach.
  16. Are you a Motlow Honor’s student? Honors classes fill swiftly.
  17. Popular classes fill quickly.
  18. Do you prefer onground classes?
  19. Adult College Express (ACE) classes require an additional application. Apply now! Secure your seat.
  20. Short-term classes fill quickly. Get the schedule you need.
  21. Registering early ensures you get your classes at the campus locations you prefer.
  22. Avoid the frustration and anxiety of the late registration rush.
  23. Have time to get your course materials and textbooks.
  24. Take advantage of Motlow’s payment plan.
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