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First-Generation College Student

First-Generation College Student

A first-generation student is defined as someone whose parents didn't complete a degree from a four-year institution. The transition to college can be challenging and overwhelming. The college vocabulary and environment is different than the K - 12 experience. We are here to assist you every step of your path towards successful graduation.

Contact an enrollment and admissions counselor for enrollment advice: [email protected].

Identifying as a first-generation college student is vital. We invite you to remind us each time you interact with a Motlow staff member that you are a first-generation student. Why is this important?

  • There are new programs and grants available
  • Some scholarships specifically target first-generation students
  • You are changing the course of your family’s future. That is huge, and worthy of encouragement and celebration
  • We want to be certain we provide you the help and support needed to ensure your success.

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