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Consumer Information

Consumer Information is referred to by the Department of Education as vital information about the availability of financial aid, the practices of the college, and information about the college that is provided to current and prospective students. Motlow State Community College has gathered the information below to provide an easy to use quick reference page with links to the vital information for your convenience.


For assistance, please contact the staff members designated to assist students in obtaining information.

Financial Aid

Executive Director of Financial Aid
[email protected]

School Information

Vice President of External Affairs
[email protected]

Completion/Graduation Rates

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Technology
[email protected]

School Security & Crime Statistics

Director of Public Safety
[email protected]

Motlow General Information

Academic Offerings – Here at Motlow State there are many academic offerings to explore. From this link you can pick an area of interest to you, learn more about it and link to the staff in that department.

Accreditation – Motlow State Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

Admissions – Requirements for admission to the college and contact information to the Admissions Department.

Articulation Agreements – Motlow State Community College has created transfer guides to aid students in searching what courses will transfer between institutions.

Athletic Program Reporting – Equity in athletics data analysis.

Constitution Day

Continued Eligibility - Motlow State has general eligibility requirements that cover the college as a whole. *Some programs may have specific requirements for the individual program. Please refer to your specific program of interest in the college catalog.

Copyright Infringement Information – This provides all of the regulations regarding copyrighted publications and their use in student work.

Cost of Attendance – Information for Motlow State Community College can be found on the College Navigator web site to see tuition, fee’s, and estimated student expenses. Type in, “Motlow State Community College” in the search bar.

Counseling Services

Disability Services – Services include college accommodations, accessible parking, and accessible building entrances on all campus locations, as well as elevators and evacuchairs in multi-level buildings. More information regarding college accommodations and services can be found through the Disability Services link.

Disclaimer Regarding Third Party Links - External links to third-party websites and services are provided for the convenience of Motlow’s website visitors. Third-party sites do not necessarily reflect the official views of, nor are endorsed by Motlow State Community College or the Tennessee Board of Regents. The appearance of referrals does not constitute an endorsement by Motlow State or TBR for the products or services noted. By clicking on the links provided, users are subject to the privacy policies of third-party sites. For information regarding these links, External Affairs [email protected].]

Employee Directory – From this link you can select any department of the college then click find to locate contact information and titles of the employees in the desired department.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) – Motlow State Community College is an AA/EEO employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities.

FERPA – The Family education Rights and Privacy Act.

Information Security Plan

Locations and Facilities - Motlow State offers several locations to suit the needs of the community.


Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse - Motlow encourages you to report known or suspected fraud, waste, or abuse by employees, outside contractors, or vendors.

Student Handbook – The student handbook has a wealth of information regarding general information, student rights and freedoms, policies and guidelines and much more.

Textbooks, Materials, & Bookstore – The college bookstore lists the cost and ISBN numbers for all textbooks and class material on the bookstore web site. Check the cost of the textbooks required for any class offered.

Transfer Credit – Students may be able to apply hours earned at other institutions toward a degree at Motlow State Community College.

Transfer-Out Rates – Motlow reports a transfer-out rate, which is the percentage of the full-time, first-time students who transferred to another institution.

Travel, International Education – Students can apply for scholarship assistance through the International Education Committee to aid in the costs of the study abroad program.

Withdrawal – The steps needed to withdraw from a class or from school.

Vaccination/Immunization Policy

Voter Registration Information – Register to vote online from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Check your voter registration status. Contact your county election commission.

Student Financial Assistance

Apply for Financial Aid – Directions to apply for state and federal funds.

Book Credits – Information about using financial aid to help pay for books.

Drug Violations & Financial Aid – This will explain the impact of drug law violations related to financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid Disbursements – How and when will financial aid be disbursed?

Financial Aid Return to Title IV – This will explain the process of refunding the state or government the aid awarded to a student who has had to withdraw from school.

Financial Aid Terms – An overview of the Terms, Conditions, Rights, and Responsibilities associated with the process and receipt of Federal/State/Institutional aid at Motlow State.

Gainful Employment Programs – These programs encompass any Title IV financial aid eligible programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

Net Price Calculator – This tool helps a potential student estimate the cost of attending Motlow State Community College.

Satisfactory Academic Progress – The requirements to maintain financial aid eligibility based on students grades and completed courses.

Scholarship and Fee Waivers – This includes scholarships from the college and fee waivers for qualifying students.

State and Federal Aid Programs – Here you will find all financial aid and grant information.

Tuition and Fees – Keep up with the cost of tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Tuition Refund Policy – Here you will find the refund schedule if you have to withdraw from school.

Health and Safety

Alcohol and Illegal Drug Prevention – Please see page 10 of the Annual Campus Safety and Security Report.

Alcoholic Beverages General Policy – This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors at Motlow State.

Annual Campus Safety Report – This report shows campus wide statistics.

Drug Free Campus Policy – Motlow State Community College is committed to the enforcement of the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act.

Sexual Misconduct – All forms of discrimination including sex discrimination and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited.

Student Complaint Information

Suicide Prevention Plan

Student Outcomes

Athletic Graduation and Transfer Rates - Graduation and transfer-out rates for students receiving athletically related student aid.

Graduation Rates – Information for Motlow State Community College can be found on the College Navigator web site to see the completion, graduation, and transfer out rates. Type in, “Motlow State Community College” in the search bar.

Job Placement – Job placement rates of Motlow graduates.

Retention Rates - Information for Motlow State Community College can be found on the College Navigator web site to see the retention rates.

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