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Z-Degree and Courses

Z-Courses and Z-Degrees

Z-programs are classes and degree(s) that can make college freer...and in some cases completely free* for eligible students.

Taking Online Z-classes or specializing in an Online Z-degree means there are no additional fees or textbook costs for Z-programs. For students with any source of full financial aid, an Online Z-degree could make college completely free. Z-classes and Z-degree(s) are great for any student interested in reducing out-of-pocket costs for course materials, including textbooks.

Motlow is working hard to increase the number of Z-courses and Z-degrees it offers. Online classes in the course schedule coded as Z in the class title are Motlow's first no-fee, no-textbook-cost classes. On-ground Z-courses are on the horizon.

Taken online, the AAS Business Program with a concentration in Business Office is our first complete Z-degree (no-course fees or textbooks costs for the entire degree program).

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