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Student Grievances


Motlow provides a welcoming atmosphere and high level of service to its students. The College works to resolve student issues or complaints as quickly and fairly as possible.

There are two types of student grievances:

  • Grade appeals and disciplinary issues
  • All other student complaints

Grade Appeal and Disciplinary Issues

Grade Appeals

Appeals must originate within ten (10) business days after the grade is posted. Grade appeals are allowed when the course instructor 1) has not used criteria stated in the course syllabus and/or course outline or, 2) has made errors in the calculation or recording of a grade. In both cases, the student will assume the burden of proof.

Steps for Grade Appeals:

  1. Meet with course instructor to resolve the grade appeal.
  2. If you believe that the grade appeal is unresolved, submit the grade appeal form located in MyMotlow within five (5) business days of meeting with the course instructor.
  3. The Dean has ten (10) business days to respond to the appeal.
  4. If you believe a further appeal is warranted, email your request of the Dean’s decision to the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs within five (5) business days of the Dean’s decision.

Student Disciplinary Issues

View the policies in the catalog

Student Complaints

Informal Resolution

Concerns and complaints can often be resolved informally.

Informal resolution begins with the student addressing the faculty or staff member directly. If a student feels uncomfortable addressing the faculty or staff member directly, the student should speak to the academic department head in the case of a faculty member, or to the supervisor in the case of a staff member.

WIthout a successful informal resolution, the student may file a formal, written complaint.

Formal Resolution

To file a formal complaint, complete the student complaint form in MyMotlow. The form will be reviewed by the appropriate vice president for resolution.

An investigation will be conducted within ten (10) business days of receiving the complaint. A decision will be communicated to the student within thirty (30) business days.

View formal resolution policy

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