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Merit Pages Information

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Welcome to Merit

Student success is central to Motlow’s mission. So, we have created a new way to celebrate student achievement using a free online platform that allows students to publish and share Motlow-related achievements and news stories.

In addition to Motlow’s website and social media channels, Motlow-verified student achievements appear on as well as a student’s personal Merit pages. Motlow has created a Merit page for every student. All students have to do is click the link sent to them in their Merit Pages introductory email. Then, students can start customizing their pages.

Motlow students receive a welcome email at the beginning of their first semester at the College giving them access to their personal Merit page and more information about how to utilize the platform to share accomplishments. Merit Pages makes it easy to share accomplishments with family and friends. With Merit Pages via their social media accounts, students can let others know about:

  • Dean’s List / Honor Roll
  • Commencement
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • Internships
  • Study-abroad Trips
  • Athletic Accomplishments
  • and more

Additionally, Motlow will send student achievement stories to media outlets in student hometowns, former high schools, and to state legislators. Merit Pages are valuable resources beyond graduation. They are great portfolios to reference when building resumes and developing career networks.

Customize your Merit Page

  1. Click the link in your email to sign in to your personal Merit Page
  2. Add a profile photo
  3. Add a personal email
  4. Add email addresses of your relatives to share your successes
  5. Add your activities, clubs, and organizations
  6. Look out for your first Merit achievement in your inbox

Every time Motlow writes a story featuring you, Merit sends you an email that you can share with family, friends, employers, mentors, and more.

  1. Merit creates a page for you that showcases your achievements from enrollment to graduation
  2. Share your stories on social media, with your family members, high school, hometown newspapers, and your state government representatives

Contact Merit’s Help Team: [email protected].

Visit Merit Pages

Faculty and Staff

Do you have an accomplishment/achievement suggestion?

Have a story to share? Use the button below to suggest stories about people, programs, and accomplishments for publishing them on Motlow’s Merit page. Merit Pages showcases student success at Motlow State by making it easy to spotlight and celebrate student engagement and achievements.

Please fill out and submit the form below with as much information as you can. Updates look best with a photo so be sure to add one if possible. After you submit your suggestion, External Affairs will review it, and may publish it on the Motlow’s Merit page. Anyone you tag in the form will also be notified.

For more information, contact the Motlow External Affairs office at [email protected].

Contribution Form

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