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Stride Forward

Stride Mark

Motlow wanted to balance the appearance of the new athletic imagery with the text. Team names are longer than the name of our College, so we implemented a design element for visual cohesion.

It was important to the design mission that the element be original, serve a critical counterbalance role, and support the messaging mission without distracting from the key message. It was important that it also be something unique to Motlow. 

This visual element became a great solution for athletics. Motlow’s SGA staff took part in a focus group to test the overall appearance. SGA even named the new element: the “Stride Mark.”

This is not only an element used to counter-balance athletic lock-ups, it is a symbol that represents the road students must travel. It represents the bridge that Motlow is, and it is the image of the trail cut for students and the pathway lit for all.

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