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Paid Student Interns

An internship is generally the path to a job. If not in the company you’re interning for, certainly in that field.

Why? Hiring managers expect that you have a degree. But they hire based on your experience. Even after you’ve recently graduated. That’s why it’s important to get an internship in college.

You’ll be closer to the job you want after you graduate. 

  • Intern opportunities range in length.
  • They fit your academic schedule.
  • You’ll get job training, relationships and potentially—a stipend.

Look for These Qualities in an Internship:

  • Ensure you’re getting work experience, not just pouring coffee
  • Know what you’re going to learn on-the-job: a project, skill or insider knowledge of an organization
  • Regular guidance from a company advisor, or colleague. This is someone who looks out for you. Best is if it’s someone who can make a few doors open for you
  • The internship should either result in a job offer. Or, put you on the shortlist as a candidate

Want an Internship ASAP?

Speak with your Academic Dean or Curriculum Chair. You can also contact Motlow’s Workforce Development office. They have a list of internship opportunities.

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