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Student Drop, Add, Class Rolls and Student Attendance Policy : 3:00:00:01


  1. Students may drop and/or add courses online in their MyMotlow account or during the "Drop-Add" period as listed in the schedule of classes for the current semester.
  2. Adds may occur the first week of class.
  3. Drops may occur until the last day to receive a W.
  4. The official grade report sheet for final grades will contain a notation to the effect that the student was officially dropped the class and a notation indicating a grade of "W" if appropriate.
  5. If the faculty member has assigned a grade, dropping the class is not an option.


  1. The keeping of student attendance records is the responsibility of each instructor.
  2. Instructors are to report student attendance online beginning the first day of class attended (y) through the last date of attendance (s).


  1. Unless prevented by circumstances beyond his/her control or absent on the basis of an institutionally approved absence, a student is expected to attend regularly all classes for which he/she is registered.
  2. Regardless of the cause or nature of the absence, the student is responsible for the material covered or assigned during the absence.
  3. Each faculty member is responsible for explaining, in writing, at the beginning of each course his/her practice in the treatment of absences.
  4. When regular attendance is a definite part of the total performance expected for the satisfactory completion of a course, an unsatisfactory attendance record may adversely affect the final grade recorded for the course.
  5. Students may be given an institutional excuse for absence on the basis that the student represents the college at a public event in the interest of the college or is engaged in an activity such as a field trip, which contributes to the education of the student.
  6. In granting an institutional excuse for absence, the college does not excuse the student from the responsibility for material covered or assigned during the absence.



  • Leadership Council Approved: November 10, 2008
  • Effective Date/Approved: November 10, 2008
  • Revised: editorial update December 21, 2016

Responsible Party

Vice President for Student Affairs


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