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Allocation of Student Activity Fee Funds Policy : 3:00:00:05


  1. The Student Activity Fee supports cultural, social, educational, leadership, community engagement and recreational events and activities that promote active learning inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. The fee also funds transition programming such as Weeks of Welcome led by staff, students and faculty during the first three weeks of the academic year when engagement is most critical to student success.
  3. The Student Government Association (SGA) also receives funding to operate the organization, provide SGA events and acquire leadership skills training.
  4. Funds are also allocated to College programming that promote knowledge, awareness and cultural sensitivity for underserved populations that further prepares them for a diverse world.


  1. Student activities are an important aspect of the college educational process.
  2. Students are required to contribute to the Student Activity Fee in conjunction with the tuition and fee schedule.
  3. The fee is used to support co-curricular activities held on and off any of the four campuses that are led by campus clubs and organizations, entities and courses.


  1. This policy applies to all currently enrolled student, faculty and staff at Motlow State Community College.
  2. The group or activity must be recognized by the College as providing the campus with those cultural, educational, social, and community engagement programs essential to a well-rounded student life, notwithstanding TBR policy.


The Student Activity Fee Committee and the Dean of Students are responsible for the accountability of student activity fee funds.


  1. Any group seeking funding from Student Activity Fees must complete a funding application which can be obtained on the Motlow State Community College website. The form is submitted to the Dean of Students office.
  2. The Dean of Students office will compile submissions and review with the Student Activity Fees Committee.
  3. All funding requests for the year will be submitted in the spring semester. As funds allow, entities can apply for funding during the academic year on a first-come, first-serve basis by consulting the Dean of Students.
  4. Applications for Student Activity Fee Funds are due in the spring. The Student Activity Fee Committee will meet to review the submissions and make determinations for fund distribution.
  5. Disbursement of Student Activity Fee Funds include the following allocation types:
    1. Entity Types
      1. The Student Government Association (SGA) at each center will receive funds for operating expenses, travel to conferences promoting leadership development and skills training, and conducting programs and projects with design and intent to benefit the student body.
      2. The Division of Student Affairs staff that work with clubs and organizations on their respective campuses for the purposes of transition programming in the fall for Weeks of Welcome. The Student Activity Fee committee apportions funds based on the student body size with the minimum of $1,500 per campus.
      3. Any club or organization for the purpose of co-curricular activities.
      4. Any faculty for the purpose co-curricular activities that augment specified course outcomes.


  1. All requests must explain how the activity relates to the mission of the club, organization, or class.
  2. All requests must present 2-3 learning outcomes associated with either the clubs mission, or the course curriculum.
  3. All paperwork, including a request-for-purchase form, roster of all participants, waiver-of-liability forms, and TR-1 forms (if internal funds are used) must be filed with the Dean of Students before any funds will be released. The Dean of Students office is not responsible for completing this paperwork.
  4. There is no limit to the amount of events for which one entity is requesting funds; however, the entire amount per entity will be considered in the committee’s determination of fund appropriation.
  5. Requests for food must demonstrate how the food is integral to the function of the event. Food requests are subject to partial funding and campus procedures such as all other members of the college. The Committee will expect requests to demonstrate good stewardship of student fee monies.
  6. When the funding request is more than $1,000, the request will be subject to more scrutiny of the committee based on the total requests for the year, the amount of total requests by the entity, and appropriate use of funds (i.e. objectives of the event, contribution to student learning).
  7. Fund allocation typically shall not exceed $2,000. If the request is more than that, the committee will determine an appropriate amount. Final determination may be at the discretion and approval of the Dean of Students. Entities may be asked to provide the committee with a presentation.
  8. An evaluation of the event must be submitted to the Dean of Students office on the last day of classes for which the event took place. If an evaluation/assessment is not turned in, this will be taken into account for future requests and may jeopardize funding.


  1. Requests will not be considered for projects that violate any campus or TBR policy or any law.
  2. All requests, including lodging, must adhere to the TBR Travel Policy.
  3. Group rates are to be obtained for theatrical productions and documentation should support the rate.
  4. No transportation costs will be funded for individual members of an organization who do not ride with the group.
  5. Institutional vehicles must be used, if available.
  6. Procedures for requesting Student Activity Fee funds must be adhered to.
  7. Failure to complete all procedures will jeopardize future funding.
  8. The Dean of Students may approve exceptions to these guidelines.
  9. Any group requesting student activity fee funds to be utilized for chaperones should justify the number of chaperones in the written request presented to the committee, if necessary.



  • Leadership Council Approved: November 4, 2016
  • Effective Date/Approved: November 4, 2016
  • Revised: September 3, 2013; November 4, 2016

Responsible Party

Dean of Students


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