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Special Considerations For Service Members And Tuition Assistance : 3:22:00:03

  • Responsible Executive: Vice President for Student Success; Executive Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Responsible Officers: Veterans Affairs Program Manager; Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance


This policy serves to fully inform students receiving Military Tuition Assistance of the required actions Motlow State Community College (Motlow State) must take to comply with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Return Policy for Military Tuition Assistance funds rules and align them with the return of unearned student aid rules applicable to the Federal Student Aid as required under section 484B of the Department of Education Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.


The policies and procedure details contained in this document apply to any eligible service member who decides to use and is approved by their respective service branch for Military Tuition Assistance. This policy applies only to students receiving Military Tuition Assistance. This tuition assistance is a benefit that is available only while the student is in the service. This policy does not apply to veterans or veteran’s benefits.


  1. If an eligible service member decides to use Military Tuition Assistance, Motlow State will enroll the prospective student service member only after the Military Tuition Assistance is approved by the prospective student’s service branch.
  2. Service members will be solely responsible for all tuition costs without this prior approval.
  3. This requirement does not prohibit Motlow State from pre-registering a service member in a course to secure a slot in the course.
  4. If Motlow State enrolls a service member before the appropriate service approves Military Tuition Assistance, then the service member could be responsible for the tuition.
  5. All Military Tuition Assistance must be requested and approved prior to the start date of the course.
  6. Military Tuition Assistance is approved on a course-by-course basis and only for the specific course(s) and class dates that a service member requests.
  7. If military students “self-identify” their eligibility and the service has not approved the funding, then the service member will be solely responsible for all tuition costs, not the service branch.
  8. Military Tuition Assistance Eligible Courses: Courses will be considered eligible for Military Tuition Assistance if they are:
    1. Part of an individual’s evaluated educational plan;
    2. Prerequisites for courses within the individual’s evaluated educational plan; or
    3. Required for acceptance into a higher-level degree program, unless otherwise specified by service regulations.
  9. Eligible service members must be Motlow State students. Service members are encouraged to check with their service branch for specifics. Once accepted as a Motlow State student (either as matriculated or non-matriculated), the service members must upload their degree program into their respective service branch’s Military Tuition Assistance system for approval.
    1. Registering for course(s):
      1. To reserve a seat in a course, service members must log into their MyMotlow account and register for their course(s).
      2. Once the service member has selected their Military Tuition Assistance Eligible Course(s), the service member must log into their respective branch of service’s Military Tuition Assistance system and upload their course(s) for service branch approval.
        1. Please note: Each service branch may have different deadlines to request Military Tuition Assistance approval.
        2. Service members are encouraged to check with their respective branch of service for such deadlines.
        3. If the degree program and course(s) are approved, the student service member and/or service branch will send the Motlow State Military Tuition Assistance point of contact either a Military Tuition Assistance voucher or roster of approved students.
        4. If approved, the Motlow State Military Tuition Assistance point of contact will then bill the appropriate service branch. If not approved, the Service member will be notified by their Service’s TA system and subsequently become responsible for the charges.
        5. It is the responsibility of student service members to notify Motlow State’s Military Tuition Assistance Point of Contact should they not be approved for Military Tuition Assistance.
    2. Withdrawing from course(s):
      1. Withdrawals for active duty assignments are governed by Motlow State Veteran and Military Student Short-Term Absences Policy 2:22:00:01.
      2. For other withdrawals and to remain in compliance with the DoD’s policies, Motlow State will return any unearned Military Tuition Assistance funds through at least 60% of the semester on a prorated basis.
        1. The amount of unearned Military Tuition Assistance that is returned is based on the date of withdrawal from the course.
        2. After 60% of the semester has passed, Military Tuition Assistance will not be evaluated for a return to the DoD.


Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding


Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Education Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (Section 484B)


  • President’s Cabinet Approved: December 19, 2022
  • Institutional Oversight Committee Approved: March 8, 2023
  • Effective Date: March 8, 2023
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