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Motlow College Foundation

Changing Student Lives

At its core, Motlow State Community College is about people. Our Foundation is also about people - funded by people, directed by people, serving people, and providing people financial resources. These resources are necessary to offer scholarships, support program development, and maintain first-rate facilities that will allow our students the opportunity to pursue careers in the programs of their choice. We are fortunate to have citizens in our service area that are genuine in their desire to serve others and who want to support the next generation's opportunities for success, happiness and benevolence.


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About the Foundation

Motlow College Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which exists solely to support and advance the objectives of Motlow State Community College to provide educational and career opportunities in our 11-county service area. Through the generosity of community friends, corporations, alumni, employees and private foundations, the Foundation provides scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students; equipment and program enhancements to academic and athletic departments; and capital funding for new college facilities and upgrades.

Our mission is to connect private and corporate philanthropists with opportunities to support Motlow State and to build relationships that make a difference in the lives of our students and our community.

Scholarships and Assistance Funds

Motlow State serves many first-generation college students who have limited financial and emotional support. Without clear direction and guidance, some students become overwhelmed by the process and are unable to seek assistance. We all lose when potential goes untapped. One of the goals of Motlow is for students to graduate free of debt; therefore, scholarship funds are essential in meeting this goal. The Foundation strives to make these goals a reality by providing scholarships, textbook assistance and emergency funds to students in immediate need of additional support.

Foundation Scholarships


  • Barbara Parker, Cannon County
  • Jeffrey Anderson, Coffee County
  • Dr. MaryLou Apple, Coffee County
  • Dr. Frank Glass, Coffee County
  • Dr. Lisa Henry, Coffee County
  • Liz Kennedy, Coffee County
  • Eugene London, Coffee County
  • Fran Marcum, Coffee County
  • Molly Marcum, Coffee County
  • Troy Martin, Coffee County
  • Don Midgett, Coffee County
  • Clifton Miller, Coffee County
  • Paige Prescott, Coffee County
  • Steve Worsham, Coffee County
  • Les Enoch, DeKalb County
  • Brenda Cannon, Franklin County
  • Howard Kirksey, Franklin County
  • Hilda Tunstill, Franklin County
  • Jerry Tunstill, Franklin County
  • Daryl Welch, Franklin County
  • Gay Dempsey, Lincoln County
  • Dan Holt, Lincoln County
  • Larry Combs, Moore County
  • Judy Boyd Terjen, Moore County
  • Lynne Tolley, Moore County
  • Nelson Forrester, Jr., Putnam County
  • Carl Owens, Putnam County
  • Cindy Schueman, Putnam County
  • Lance Lee, Rutherford County
  • Gary Morgan, Rutherford County
  • Kirt Wade, Rutherford County
  • Andy Womack, Rutherford County
  • Cheryl Cole, Van Buren County
  • Gary Prater, Warren County
  • Bill Zechman, Warren County
  • Jim Payne, White County
  • Cain Rogers, White County
  • Jody Sliger, White County
  • Eric Yarbrough, Williamson County


  • Gay Dempsey, Chair
  • Kirt Wade, Vice Chair
  • J. Mark Hutchins, Secretary
  • Renee Austin, Treasurer
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