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Sociologists study society and human behavior, including ethnic and religious studies, as well as psychology and politics. A Sociologist influences the development, function, and structure of human society. Sociology provides a solid foundation for further educational opportunities and increases. Sociology increases the understanding and power of social action. Sociology studies the role of social institutions (home, school, church and more) in the development of the individual and provides critical insight and perspective to the solution of social problems.

Earn either an Associate of Science (A.S.) or an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree at Motlow. Both options are Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTPs). TTPs enable you to complete your degree at Motlow and transfer to any Tennessee public university, and several Tennessee private universities, to complete your bachelor’s degree.

An associate degree in with a concentration in sociology examines foundational concepts in the field, including social stratification, culture, inequality, and globalization. Sociology graduates with an associate degree can work as domestic violence advocates, Head Start or preschool counselors, or in other positions that work directly with families, children, elderly adults, or people with disabilities.

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The average annual salary for an associate degree in Sociology is $32k per year.

Sociologists working with clients

Career Opportunities with an Advanced Degree 

  • Preschool Counselor ($39-43k/year) 
  • Domestic Violence Counselor ($39-43k/year) 
  • Corrections Counselor ($36-45k/year) 
  • Mental Health Counselor ($34-53k/year) 
  • Case Manager ($24-75k/year) 
  • Program Coordinator ($34-65k/year) • Fundraiser ($25-54k/year) 
  • Community Planner ($40-57k/year) 
  • Child Welfare Specialist ($45-58k/year) • Lawyer ($47-310k/year) 
  • Legislative Aid ($25-54k/year) 
  • HR Manager ($51-120k/year) 

Sociology is perhaps the most diverse and analytics-focused of the social science professions, providing the research on which the practices of the other sciences are built. Studying sociology does more than just prepare you for a narrow specialty; rather, it helps you to be ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of our increasingly diverse and complex society. 

This often means working for government agencies as a social services assistant, or working under a certified counselor or mental health specialist. 

Studying sociology can prepare you for a variety of careers. It will provide you with the background education you need to understand social issues like social inequality in class, in addition to criminology and the criminal justice system and An EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Sections 504/ADA Institution | MOT-0943-21 various other social and work settings. 

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