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Criminal Justice melds a variety of fields, including psychology, sociology, and criminology.
Criminal Justice Administration is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway.
The criminal justice system employs close to 2.5 million people.

Living in an orderly society is possible because we have laws and a justice system. Get ready for some of the most dynamic coursework in Tennessee. Criminal Justice melds a variety of fields, like psychology, sociology, criminology, and current events. It also offers you exciting opportunities for employment. The criminal justice system currently employs over 2.5million people.

Motlow offers two concentrations for Criminal Justice. The first is the Associate of Science (A.S.) Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP). The second option is the Associate of Arts (A.A.) TTP. Both options allow you to complete your degree at Motlow and seamlessly transfer to a four-year university in Tennessee.

In general, an A.S. degree is intended to focus your study on social and behavioral sciences, while the A.A. degree carries a foreign language requirement. Completion of either option indicates the student has completed a course of study equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.

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You could make up to $85k per year with an advanced degree in criminal justice.

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Criminal Justice Careers

  • Probation Officer ($42-66k/year)
  • Police Officer ($55-75K/year)
  • Correctional Officer ($38-42K/year)
  • Private Investigator ($45-79K/year)
  • Fish and Game Warden ($50K/year)
  • Prison Counselor ($31-63k/year)

Earning an A.S. or A.A. degree means that you have the potential to gain valuable first-hand experience, make important connections in your chosen field, and assist in the greater good while advancing your own personal career goals.

If you’re interested in being a part of the exciting world of criminal justice, you may want to consider a degree in the field. Criminal Justice gives you a chance to serve the greater good. Graduates learn to synthesize information. It is a multifaceted discipline. Criminal justice is a scientific discipline, and the concentration will expose you to areas of life that transcend the traditional image of courtrooms and crime labs. Develop a set of transferable soft and hard skills that you can apply in the field of law enforcement and beyond. Everyone wants job security. Criminal justice students will benefit from a high-demand job market. A college degree and the skills and knowledge acquired through your studies will set you up for many additional criminal justice careers.

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