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A Pre-Occupational Therapist with a bockground image of a hand holding a puzzle piece

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help people of all ages participate in the things they want and need to do. Occupational therapists help patients dealing with various disabilities or injuries improve or regain their ability to perform daily activities. 

Many professional occupational therapy programs require a bachelor’s degree prior to admission and others will accept students into their program after three years of undergraduate work. The Pre-occupational therapy courses at Motlow State Community College are designed to prepare students for application to one of these professional programs. 

Motlow’s Associate of Science (A.S.) degree prepares you for transfer to a university and is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP). TTPs enable you to complete your degree at Motlow and then transfer to any Tennessee public university, and several Tennessee private universities, to complete your bachelor’s degree.

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Find Your Future

Have you chosen a major? Is there a program of study that inspires you? Do you have your heart set on a particular degree? Motlow is here to help you find your future and craft a great career.

Start by choosing the credentials you want. Motlow offers:

  • Short-term certifications,
  • One-year diplomas,
  • 2-year associates degrees,
  • Associates degrees with embedded micro-credentials, and
  • Pathways to numerous bachelor degrees with majors in hundreds of programs. We have many additional articulation agreements with universities that allow you to easily transfer or even enroll simultaneously at Motlow and another institution
  • We have articulation agreements with universities that allow you to easily transfer or even enroll simultaneously at Motlow and another institution.

Use our program finder to explore all of the possibilities. Visit our transfer & articulations page to learn more about our partnerships with other universities. Explore your interests and aptitudes with our free YouScience tool.

Meet with one of our admissions counselors. Enroll and get assigned your very own completion coach.

The time is right. Call us today. It’s never been easier to find a scholarship and apply for aid to help pay for college. Our mission is your success, and we want to make exploring Motlow simple & free.

You can make a median salary of $59k/year in Tennessee with a degree in Pre-Occupational Therapy.

A Pre-Occupational Therapist evaluates a elderly patient and a pair of hands working working on hand strength exercises

Career Opportunities with an Advanced Degree

  • Occupational Therapist ($56-103k/year) 
  • Rehabilitation Specialist ($35-97k/year) 
  • Mental Health Specialist ($47-58k/year) 
  • Life Coach (34-85k/year) 
  • Care Manager ($37-70k/year) 
  • Ergonomist ($27-65k/year) 

Potential Work Environments 

  • Hospitals 
  • Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Facility 
  • Schools 
  • Home Health Services

You will be introduced to biology, chemistry, physics, and human anatomy and physiology. Occupational therapists use everyday activities to treat patients with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. As a result, occupational therapists are a crucial part of many treatment regimens, helping patients develop, recover, and improve the skills needed to live and work. Few health science careers draw from as diverse an array of interests and backgrounds as occupational therapy.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Printable Information

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