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A female doctor standing in front of a graphic of a stethoscope

Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Health is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP).
Pre-health studies give you a solid foundation for an advanced clinical degree.

You could make up to $400k per year with a medical degree.

Pre-health studies at Motlow provide challenging academic courses that give you a solid foundation of knowledge for professional school. You also gain professional experiences that help you work effectively in a team and with patients. A pre-health studies A.S. also helps you make connections with faculty, peers, and patients. It enables you to think more critically, problem-solve creatively, and communicate effectively in an ever-changing world.

The Associate of Science (A.S.) degree prepares you for transfer to a university and is a Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTP). TTPs enable you to complete your degree at Motlow and then transfer to any Tennessee public university, and several Tennessee private universities, to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Healthcare programs are competitive. Completing your A.S. degree at Motlow can help strengthen your academic resume. Depending on the field of study, many entry-level research assistant jobs only require an associate degree or certification. That means there is a significant amount of great research and technician jobs you can apply for with your prehealth degree.

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Pre-Health Professionals can make up to $400k per year with an advanced degree.

A female Pre-Health Professional working through an Inventory of medicines. A male doctor working with a family.

Career Paths with an Advanced Degree 

  • Family Physician ($150-250k/year)
  • Dentistry ($110-220k/year)
  • Audiologist ($66-92k/year)
  • Pharmacist ($106-130k/year)
  • Optometrist ($96-150k/year)
  • Radiologist ($130-380k/year)
  • Anesthesiologist ($260-400k/year)
  • Nurse ($47-75k/year)
  • Respiratory Therapist ($42-73k/year)
  • Veterinarian ($69-130k/year)

You can enter the field by either earning a two-year medical assistant associate degree or a certificate program that takes a year or less to complete. Medical assistants let you utilize your pre-health degree while learning your way around a doctor’s office. Medical assistants are hired to support physicians by checking patient vital signs, administering medications and immunizations, and carrying out some clerical work.

A pre-health degree is general in nature, but may help you qualify for some support occupations in health care. Pre-Health Sciences are the undergraduate courses that prepare American college students for admission in medical, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary, and physical therapy schools, and for training as a physician assistant.

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