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A female Mechanical Engineer working with factory robots

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway.
Mechanical engineers have an average salary of $100K/year with an advanced degree.
With an A.S., you can land an entry-level job assisting mechanical engineers.

If you’re a curious person who enjoys learning how things work, an associate degree in mechanical engineering might be for you. Whether you’re interested in vehicle technologies, energy systems, or robotics, you’ll build strong versatile skills and deepen your knowledge as an engineer. Put theories and facts to work as you discover solutions to current and future challenges.

The concentration in Mechanical Engineering at Motlow is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP). TTPs enable you to complete your degree at Motlow and then seamlessly transfer to any Tennessee public, and many private, universities to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Motlow mechanical engineering students learn how to apply mathematical, scientific, and engineering concepts to the design, development, and analysis of technological issues in an array of industries. Graduates usually work under the direction of engineering professionals, including mechanical engineers and technologists.

Graduates who earn A.S. degrees from Motlow have the training for employment in a wide variety of industries. Mechanical engineering technicians are real problem solvers with responsibilities that can range from support technician to plant manager.

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Have you chosen a major? Is there a program of study that inspires you? Do you have your heart set on a particular degree? Motlow is here to help you find your future and craft a great career.

Start by choosing the credentials you want. Motlow offers:

  • Short-term certifications,
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  • Pathways to numerous bachelor degrees with majors in hundreds of programs. We have many additional articulation agreements with universities that allow you to easily transfer or even enroll simultaneously at Motlow and another institution
  • We have articulation agreements with universities that allow you to easily transfer or even enroll simultaneously at Motlow and another institution.

Use our program finder to explore all of the possibilities. Visit our transfer & articulations page to learn more about our partnerships with other universities. Explore your interests and aptitudes with our free YouScience tool.

Meet with one of our admissions counselors. Enroll and get assigned your very own completion coach.

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The average mechanical engineering salary is $85K per year with an advanced degree.

A male Mechanical Engineer working with machines and a female Mechanical Engineer working at a computer

Career Opportunities After Earning a Bachelor’s Degree

  • Mechanical Engineer ($54-75k/year)
  • Aerospace Engineer ($68-100k/year)
  • Mechanical Designer ($70k/year)

With an A.S. degree from Motlow, students can perform entry-level work as mechanical engineer technicians.

Practical Experience

  • Electricity
  • Structural Analysis
  • Kinematics
  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Material Science

Mechanical Engineering Printable Information

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