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A customer service agent with a headset

Customer Service

A customer service representative can make up to $50k per year.
Graduates are prepared to earn the National Career Readiness Certificate.

Certification ensures that what is taught in practice is learned and implemented.

Superior customer service is critical to the success of any service organization. The Customer Service Certificate introduces you to customer service roles in banking, entrepreneurial, healthcare, and retail industries. Graduates are prepared to take the three Work Key assessments that make up the National Career Readiness Certificate (Applied Math, Workplace Documents, and Graphic Literacy).

This portable, evidence-based credential certifies the essential skills for workplace success. This Certificate is recognized by Site Selector Magazine as one of the top criteria businesses are using to determine the best location for opening a new site.

Certification is one way to ensure that what is taught in training is learned and implemented, in addition to standardizing best practices. Taking training to the next level through certification is more than putting a nice certificate on the wall. Certifying what is learned through training is another way for managers to hold employees accountable. Managers can focus on bigger-picture issues when they trust that their direct-reports can put into practice what has been learned through training.

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Career Opportunities After Earning a Bachelor’s Degree

  • Customer Service Representatives ($23-50k/year)
  • Call Coordinators and Service Dispatchers ($34-40k/ year)
  • Bank Teller ($21-34k/year)
  • Manufacturing Customer Service ($38-46k/year)

In addition to providing a tangible way for managers to hold employees to higher standards, certification also empowers employees. 

This certification helps you become a better problem solver and communicator through role-playing exercises and group discussions about concepts you’ll rely on to serve customers. In this customer service training course, participants learn the essential skills necessary to deliver excellent customer service through real world exercises and group activities. 

Customer Service Certificate Printable Information

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