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A computer scientist in front of a technological background

Computer Science

Motlow’s Associate of Science degree is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway.

Computer occupations are expected to grow by 12% by 2028.

Computer Science is a driving force in virtually every sector of society.

The study of computer science is about future technology, a driving force in virtually every sector of society. Computer Science spans the broad range from theory through programming to cutting-edge development of computing solutions. Motlow computer science graduates have a foundation to adapt to new technologies and new ideas. 

Computer Science graduates join a popular, steadily growing industry. Computer occupations are projected to grow by 12% from 2018-2028. The work of computer scientists falls into three categories: 

  1. Designing and building software
  2. Developing effective ways to solve computing problems such as storing information in databases, sending data over networks, or providing new approaches to security problems 
  3. Devising new and better ways to address challenges in robotics, computer vision, or digital forensics 

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Computer scientists can make up to 86k per year in a variety of careers.

Two computer scientists working. One at a computer and one on servers.

Computer Science Careers: 

  • Computer Programmer ($49-74k/year) 
  • Systems Analyst ($42-73k/year) 
  • Software Developer ($56-86k/year) 
  • Web Developer ($50-60k/year) 
  • Database Administrator ($63-96k/year) 

The computer science path introduces: 

  • History and evolution of computing devices 
  • Software applications to make computers perform specific tasks 
  • Concepts used in schools, private businesses, and government 
  • Programming languages 
  • Data structures and sorting techniques 

Computer science courses train students to develop technology-based solutions to various problems. Students learn how to improve organizational operations, secure information systems, and enhance products and services. Motlow’s Associate of Science a Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP).

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