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One-Day, One-Stop College Enrollment FastPass

July 26, 2023

Motlow State’s fall semester begins August 21. To get students ready for the new semester, each location is hosting a one-day, all-in-one college launch day called FastPass.

In just a few hours, students can apply, file for financial aid, receive advising, complete orientation, and enroll in classes. FastPass can also help students who have already applied complete the remaining steps or address barriers, such as missing documentation or account holds. Returning students can also take advantage of this opportunity to create their schedules and get connected to free tutoring resources that can prepare them for academic success.

FastPass launch events are from 3 – 5 p.m. on all dates:

Sparta: August 3

Smyrna: August 14

Moore County: August 15

Fayetteville: August 16

McMinnville: August 16

The FastPass enrollment event is dedicated to helping students cover all their bases so they can start the school year fully prepared. “We are excited to offer this opportunity for students on all of our teaching sites,” said Dr. Erica Lee, Director of Motlow Recruiting. “We want to give our students a warm welcome to Motlow and are happy to provide this personal approach.”

The 2023 fall semester begins on August 21, and Motlow is staffing up to make its FastPass events a swift enrollment process. To complete the full enrollment process, student prospects are encouraged to RSVP through the Motlow Calendar at, although walk-ins are welcome. Students can explore the admissions process at or Motlow’s academic offerings at To learn more about Financial aid, visit or email [email protected].

Dr. Erica Lee

Pictured: Dr. Erica Lee, Director of Recruitment and Motlow’s lead organizer of the 2023 FastPass events.

Eric Reynolds

Pictured: Eric Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Mechatronics and FastPass Co-Coordinator for Fayetteville

Larry Flatt

Pictured: Larry Flatt, Executive Director of Automation and Robotics Training Center and FastPass Co-Coordinator for McMinnville

Gary Winton

Pictured: Gary Winton, Director of Campus Engagement and FastPass Co-Coordinator for Smyrna

Kyle Macon

Pictured: Kyle Macon, Assistant Director of Student Success and FastPass Co-Coordinator for Moore County

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