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Motlow Hosts 49th Nurse Pinning

May 10, 2023

Motlow recently pinned nearly 40 nursing students at its 49th Annual Pinning Ceremony. Nursing faculty presented the students with pins bearing Motlow’s insignia to reflect the school they attended and symbolize the completion of an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Nursing.

Motlow Hosts 49th Nurse Pinning

Front Row - Adaeze Ikejiani, Chloe Heath, Kaleb McKissick, Veronica Alvarez, Danyel Wisdom, Sabiha Meho-Kallo, Kaleiah Brown. Second Row - Mark Calda, Ciara Smith, Grace Atuahene Yeboah, Louisa Branch, Alexandria Meyer, Gabrielle Spraggins, Rosalie Kuhn. Third Row - John Puerta Bohorquez, Marcos Caicedo Montesino, Jessica Martinez, Mingxia McInturff, Andolyn Pope, Caroline Nix, Catarina Pascual. Fourth Row - Rachael Cortazzo, Andrew Hodge, Autumn Myers, Kristin Thomason, Daphne Davenport, Jessica McGill. Fifth Row - Rebecca Mescall, Jadan Campbell, Karyn Johnson, Randi Gill, Victoria Metzler, Claire Cessac. Last Row - Darlyn Torres Barrientos, Kaitlen Domergue, Lily Anderson, Brittany Conn, Kayla Brown

Class President Kaleb McKissick and Dean of Health Sciences Dr. Amy Holder both spoke at the event, congratulating students on their success and recognizing students who served in officer positions.

McMinnville Instructor Linda A. Hemmila, Moore County Instructor Janet Thornton, and Interim Director of Nursing Brittany Clark pinned their respective graduates. Assistant Professor of Nursing Dr. Stacey Harlan led the students in reciting the Nightingale Pledge, named after Florence Nightingale, in which students promise to uphold the values and mission of the medical field. They also participated in the traditional lamp lighting, which symbolizes becoming a beacon of hope to the patients they serve.

Nursing Graduates include:

  • Veronica Alvarez
  • Lily Anderson
  • Grace Atuahene Yeboah
  • Louisa Branch
  • Kaleiah Brown
  • Kayla Brown
  • Marcos Caicedo Montesino
  • Mark Calda
  • Jadan Campbell
  • Veronica Carver
  • Claire Cessac
  • Brittany Conn
  • Rachael Cortazzo
  • Daphne Davenport
  • Kaitlen Domergue
  • Miranda Fraley
  • Randi Gill
  • Courtney Hargis
  • Chloe Heath
  • Andrew Hodge
  • Adaeze Ikejiani
  • Karyn Johnson
  • Rosalie Kuhn
  • Jessica Martinez
  • Jessica McGill
  • Mingxia McInturf
  • Kaleb McKissick
  • Sabiha Meho-Kallo
  • Rebecca Mescall
  • Victoria Metzler
  • Alexandria Myer
  • Autumn Myers
  • Caroline Nix
  • Catarina Pascual
  • Amanda Pettit
  • Andolyn Pope
  • John Puerta Bohorquez
  • Ciara Smith
  • Gabrielle Spraggins
  • Kristin Thomason
  • Darlyn Torres Barrientos
  • Danyel Wisdom

Motlow congratulates all of these graduates on this achievement and wishes them success in their future endeavors.

Visit Motlow’s website to learn how to enroll in the nursing program or to find information about other degree pathways.

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