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Motlow-Fayetteville Continues Growth

September 18, 2023

Motlow State Community College’s Fayetteville Campus will celebrate its 30th anniversary on September 27. The college has advanced and expanded greatly in that time, especially in the program offerings now available.

Pictured (left to right): Tahjawuan Taylor, Mechatronics Instructor Rick Rogers, Leah Black, and Daylon Timbs.

Students in the Lincoln County and North Alabama areas can now complete many of Motlow’s degrees on the Fayetteville campus and avoid traveling to other campuses to fulfill their coursework. Dual-enrollment classes are also available at both Lincoln County and Fayetteville High Schools through the Fayetteville campus. This gives students the option to earn college credit and even an associate degree while still in high school.

In addition to the standard general education courses required for most degrees, the campus has the largest Mechatronics lab at Motlow. Motlow-Fayetteville also provides many industrial robots to train Mechatronics students who pursue a concentration in Robotics.

Fayetteville is the only campus to offer a degree with a Concentration in Agriculture Business and a degree in Agricultural Animal Science. Both of these programs transfer directly to 2+2 programs with Tennessee State University (TSU). The nursing program recently entered into an agreement with the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) that allows students to complete an Associate degree and Bachelor of Science in Nursing in just two years.

While Motlow-Fayetteville offers a growing array of programs, the campus also has a very active and engaged branch of Motlow’s Student Government Association. This student organization represents Motlow’s student body and advocates for their needs. They assist in planning student events throughout the semester and play a key role in helping students build leadership skills while enjoying their time at Motlow.

The campus remains active in the community by hosting local students and education faculty. To promote a lifelong love of learning, Motlow-Fayetteville also offers opportunities for future Motlow students to visit and explore possibilities. Middle and high school students can visit the campus to speak to representatives from Motlow’s degree programs and tour the facilities. During the summer, Motlow-Fayetteville hosts Forensic camps for middle schoolers and Robotics camps for high schoolers.

Motlow’s 30th anniversary event will celebrate not only its many years of history but also the achievements the campus continues to reach in the present. Everyone in the community is invited to attend between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. To RSVP, visit 30.

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