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Get the Most Value from Your College Education with Motlow State

September 29, 2022

Many experts say the economy is getting turbulent, but those who have completed college are riding the waves best. Get the most value from your college education by earning an associate degree from Motlow State Community College. The cost of getting an education at Motlow is significantly lower than at a four-year institution. Additionally, Motlow graduates begin working in high-wage, high-demand career fields sooner.

According to the 2021 Survey of Household Economics and Decision-making (SHED), conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank, “more than half of adults who went to college said that the lifetime financial benefits of their higher education exceeded the financial costs.”

“The survey finds that 30 percent of adults reported incurring debt to cover those costs, with student loans representing the overwhelming majority of that debt,” said Doug Lederman, editor and co-founder of Inside Higher Ed, in an article titled “Student Debt’s Impact on Perceived Value of College.”

Motlow is an affordable alternative to expensive student loan debt. Students can take advantage of the numerous tuition-free methods the College offers, as well as scholarships and grants.

“You don’t have to go into debt to get an education. Anyone who wants to attend college should be able to go. Even if you don’t qualify for free tuition, Motlow’s tuition and fees remain low to keep college affordable,” said Joe Myers, executive director of Financial Aid at Motlow. “Additionally, the Motlow College Foundation offers some book scholarships to assist eligible applicants where Promise, Reconnect, or other forms of financial aid may not.”

An added benefit of obtaining an education is to achieve better work-life balance. For those who prefer remote work, the survey also found that “employees with more education were much more likely to work from home than those with less education.”

Motlow strives to meet students where they are in life to help ensure everyone who wants an education can get one. Motlow offers the Adult College Express (ACE) and the Weekend College programs to help achieve this. ACE program classes meet in person one night per week to accommodate working adults. Degree completion is possible in approximately 24 months and is transferable to a four-year institution. The Weekend College program is open to all applicants, and offers accelerated classes completed on three consecutive weekends. Motlow is also an open enrollment institution, which means that it does not observe competitive or exclusionary acceptance practices.

Learn more about why Motlow is the right place for adults to start or finish college. Visit Also, check out the Program Finder tool to explore your options and discover what is right for you!

Tennessee’s Community Colleges is a system of 13 colleges offering a high-quality, affordable, convenient, and personal education to prepare students to achieve their educational and career goals in two years or less. The system offers associate degree and certificate programs, workforce development programs, and transfer pathways to four-year degrees. For more information, please visit us online at or visit Motlow at

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