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Florida International University Distilled Spirits Transfer Agreement

Florida International University (FIU) is located in Miami, Florida. 

Motlow and FIU have partnered to enable Motlow graduates to transfer to FIU to pursue a bachelor's degree seamlessly.

Motlow students who graduate with an Associate of Science (A.S.) in Distilled Spirits can transfer to FIU to pursue a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Hospitality Management.

FIU will accept up to 60 transfer credits from Motlow students who graduate with an associate degree in Distilled Spirits.

Transfer Agreement PDF

Equivalency Table

Motlow Course FIU Course Notes
ENGL 1010 ENC 1101 Earn “C” or better
ENGL 1020 ENC 1102 Earn “C” or better
ENGL 2045 LIT 1000 + GRW UCC1 Earn “C” or better
ENGL 2130 HUM UCC1W Earn “C” or better
COMM 2025 SPC 1ART  
ART 1035 ARH 2000  
MUS 1030 MUL 1010  
THEA 1030 THE 2000  
ECON 2100 ECO 2013  
ECON 2200 ECO 2023  
HIST 2010 HUM UCC2  
HIST 2020 SOC UCC1  
BIOL 1110 BSC 2010 + BSC 2010L  
BIOL 1120 BSC 2011 + BSC 2011L  
BIOL 2230 MCB 2000 + MCB 2000L  
ACCT 1010 HFT 2401  
BUS 2340 HFT 2220  
MATH 1010 MGF UCC1 Earn “C” or better
MATH 1530 STA 2122 Earn “C” or better
INFS 1010 CGS 2060  


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