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Presidential Public Engagements


  • Guest Presenter: Academic Career Pathways & Partnerships presents National Apprenticeship Week, Nashville, November 13.
  • Panelist. TEAM TN: A Coordinated Approach to Building an Advanced Transportation Economy, Knoxville, November 15.
  • Panelist, Nashwood,  Uncle Nearest, November 7, 2023.
  • Speaker, DXtera Institute and the Massive Data Institute, Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) and Learner Controlled Verifiable Credentials Forum, Washington DC.; October 10, 2023
  • Speaker, FRED Session, Motlow College: Leading the way with inspiring and innovative workforce development, Nashville, TN; October 5, 2023
  • Speaker, Fred TALKS, Leading the way with inspiring and innovative workforce development, ACT Workforce Summit, Nashville, TN; October 5, 2023
  • Virtual Panelist, SEAMTN Connects: September Edition, September 26
  • Panelist: Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute, Panel Discussion, Columbia State, Franklin, TN, September 18
  • Virtual Speaker: Achieving the Dream (ATD) Session: AI in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges, September 18
  • Virtual Panelist: American Association of Community Colleges Roundtable, Equity and Artificial Intelligence (AI), September 7
  • Panelist: Higher Education Technology Roundtable Discussion. Featuring Kathi Vidal, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO, Welcome by Cybele Raver, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, September 6
  • Speaker: Higher Education: The Connected Campus: Bandwidth, Wireless Networks and 5G, August 31
  • Panel: TENNAIR President's Panel, August 4
  • Keynote Speaker: HI-TEC Conference, Atlanta, GA, July 26
  • Keynote Speaker: Badge Summit, Boulder, CO, July 24
  • Article: Evolving the Local Landscape
  • Article: Synergy: Al, Higher Education, and Social Advocacy Part Il
  • Article: Synergy
  • Article: Infinity Loops: Connected
  • Article: Necessary Disruptions: Systems, Computing, and Dual
  • Article: Digital Wallet: Bending Credentials and Everything
  • Panel: Community Colleges of Appalachia (CCA) Board Meeting.
    Session Title: "The Road to the Presidency”, June 5
  • Speaker: Online Learning Consortium Innovate 2023.
    Leadership Summit - Part 2: Leading Digital Learning: Understanding the Needs and Priorities of Key Stakeholders, April 19
  • Speaker: Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) National Conference.
    Presentation: A Metaverse in Education: How AR/VR Can Deliver Learning Experiences Like NEVER Before! April 4
  • Speaker: Southern Regional Education Board, Open Educational Resources and Dual Enrollment Conference: Making a Case for Student Success, Powering Student Success: OER and Technology in Wrap-Around Services, March 2
  • Panel: Concurrent: The Power of Partnerships: Re-Engaging Adult Learners at Community Colleges. ATD Dream 2023. February 15


  • Keynote Introduction, The COMMENCEMENT “Ceremony” – A Book-Launch Party for Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education and a Tribute to the Future of Higher Education, December 20
  • Podcast Guest, Two Mikes & a Guest Podcast, Dr. Michael Torrence - College President, November 15
  • Panelist, Drive Electric TN “Momentum Summit”,Call for Curriculum: Educating an Emerging Workforce As the number of EVs continues to rise, so does the need for a new workforce. A panel for an academic perspective on new curriculums and trainings focused on EVs and EVSE, November 7
  • Presenter, 2022 Cocaine, Meth and Stimulant Summit, Developing Partnerships with Influential Community Stakeholders to Build the Recovery Ecosystem, November 3
  • In Person TV Interview, Soul of Warren County Full Video Interview, October 5
  • Speaker, Inaugural Virtual Reality and Healthcare Technology Transfer Conference, The Road Ahead: XR, September 29
  • Podcast Interview, IlluminatED, Episode 93: Bourbon and Learn with Dr. Michael Torrence, President of Motlow State Community College, September 25
  • HBCU C2 20-Minute Mentor Series, interview via zoom. Topic: T.I.L.T., September 19
  • Podcast Interview, "Dr. Bill Krauss talks to the 7th Seated President of Motlow College - WGNS Radio", August 11
  • "Live Chat" Q&A, Connected, Leading Higher Education, August 2
  • Panel, “Expand enrollment by improving digital equity and access”. Tonya M. Drake, Ph.D. Michael Torrence, Ph.D. Anne Clancy, MBA, EdD and Michael Kubit, June 28
  • Panel, Growing the CS and Tech Pipelines: Widening Access to Diverse Talent, Dr. Michael Torrence, President, Motlow State Community College GlobalMindEd Conference, Denver, Colorado, June 22
  • Speaker, Technology that Creates Inclusive GlobalMindED Faculty, Leaders, Grads and Employees, REMOTE - the connected faculty summit, June 8
  • Panelist, Have a Workforce Problem? Put a Blockchain on It! Horizons 2022, June 7
  • Speaker, Radical Collaborations to Impact Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) on STEM Pathways, NROC Webinar. May 19
  • Speaker, Round Table Universities Contribution to Gender Equality: a global perspective (IESALC) EN, May 18
  • Panelist, Workforce Development for the electric vehicle (EV) Ecosystem: Who’s going to build and service my EV?, May 12
  • Higher Education 5G HQ Spotlight Series Live Q&A, T-Mobile. May 4
  • Panelist, 2022 Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit (Rx Summit), Collegiate Recovery Communities: Presidents, Professors, and Peers, April 21
  • Speaker, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Innovate 2022 Conference, "Optimizing Blended Programming And Course Offerings: Leadership Perspectives", April 14
  • Speaker, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Innovate 2022 Conference, "Mapping The Ecosystem Of Workforce Education: A Leadership Panel On The Future Of Work", April 13
  • Speaker, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), Building Generational Talent: Infrastructure Workforce Opportunities in Tennessee and Beyond, March 31
  • Speaker, Technology for Educating the Undergraduate STEM Students of the Future "The Future Role of Technology in Undergraduate Learning", March 16
  • Speaker, Online Learning Consortium "The Ease of Growing OER Adoption", March 8
  • Speaker, OER In Dual Enrollment “An In-depth Look at Motlow State Community College’s OER in Dual Enrollment Program” February 24

  • Speaker, Reimagine: Workforce Development Institute, January 28


  • HI-TEC (High Impact Technology Exchange Conference), Panelist, Zoom, Session Title and Description:  Strategies and Successes: Best Practices for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, July 21
  • NACRO Panel Member - “Ask me Anything” "NACRO Roundtable: Demystifying Higher Education Partnerships & Measuring ROI Roundtable", June 16
  • SAM Panel Presentation. “Expectations of Leadership in Higher Education: Finding Opportunities In Times of Crisis.” Society for the Advancement in Management, March 19
  • Organizational Models For Leading and Administering Blended or Online Programs. Education Session. OLC, March 18
  • Every Learner Everywhere. Interview. OLC, March 18
  • International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association, March 5
  • Achieving The Dream, Spotlight Session February 15
  • Black History Month Webinar – TN Chapter of CUPA-HR, February 12
  • ‘Teaching Innovation and Training’, Tennessee Commission on Education Recovery and Innovation, Meeting and Workshop, February 12
  • Ripples and Fissures: Emerging Technology and its TILT (Teaching Innovation Learning and Training), January 7


  • Teaching Innovation Learning & Training (T.i.l.t.): The UNESCO Steam Project, December 19
  • Panel: “Fast-Changing Technology: Uses and Ethical Issues”. The Symposium on Imagining the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education, November 13
  • “Let’s Tell the Truth:  An Honest Discussion on Social Justice”. Panel. Association of College Unions International Region V Conference (ACUI RV) virtual conference, November 9
  • “Ripples and Fissures: Emerging Technologies and its TILT (Teaching Innovation Learning and Training)”. #DIMENSIONSXR2020 The International Congress of eXtended Reality in Sciences, October 21
  • “Community Conversations: Higher Education & Technological Preparedness.” Interviewed by Jimmy Haley on BLTV. McMinnville TN, August 11
  • “Game Changer Dialogue: Higher Ed Executive Roundtable.” Wallace Pond. Zoom, August 6
  • “Reading Recording: TTU Literacy Program.” Tennessee Technological University Freedom School Project. Recording – In Person, July 16
  • “HBCU Summit Keynote Address: The Future of Everything: The Educational Complex. Zoom. OLC Innovate, June 16
  • “Game Changer Dialogue: Higher Education Shifts in Response to COVID-19.” Wallace Pond Zoom, July 15
  • “So You Think You Can Build: Community College Summit.” Webinar. (Panelist). OLC Innovate, June 15
  • “Today’s Black Students and Professionals: Living in an Environment of Social Chaos. (Panelist). University Wisconsin-Whitewater. Webinar. Webex, June 9
  • “Leadership and Capability.” Speaker. GlobalMindEd. Webinar. Zoom, June 5
  • “Learning and Leading: What I wanted to know, wish I knew, and what I am still learning.” Panasonic Energy North America Engineering Internship Program. Tesla Gigafactory – 1. Sparks, NV, June 4
  • “AI and Tech: Closing COVID-19 Revealed Inequities.” GlobalMindEd, May 29
  • “Post Pandemic Models in Higher Education.” GlobalMindED, May 22
  • “National Treasures: Virtual Graduation.” GlobalMindED, May 15
  • “Strategic Decision Making for the COVID-19 Economic Crisis: Activating Change and transformation in Higher Education.” Panelist. National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy. Facilitated by Dr. Damon Williams. Webinar, April 30
  • “DEI & COVID-19 Strategy Webinar. Panelist. National Inclusive Excellence (NIXLA). ZOOM, March 23
  • “Blowing Up Motlow State Community College: VR and Healthcare.” International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, TN, March 3
  • “Institutional Transformation Through Guided Pathways at Rural Community Colleges: Community College Research Center.” League for Innovation in Community Colleges. Seattle, WA, March 2
  • “African Americans, the Vote, and Civil Discourse.” Keynote Speaker. University of Tennessee Space Institute. Tullahoma, TN, February 26
  • “Urgency and Commitment.” Boy Scouts. Brookings, SD, February 20
  • “Leadership and Change: Developing the Future of Work.” Jacobs. Tullahoma, TN, February 11
  • “Workforce development Institute: Motlow Snapshot.” American Association of Community Colleges Workforce Development Institute. Amelia Island, FL, January 24


  • “Apple Coding Academy. Presidential Kickoff.” Panelist. Tennessee State University. Nashville, TN, July 19
  • “Gaming and Virtual Reality.” GlobalMindEd. Denver, CO, June 6
  • “Inclusive Leadership and Equity.” GlobalMindEd. Denver, CO, June 5
  • “Online Learning and Higher Education.” Panelist. United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). Nashville, TN, May 23
  • “Teaching and Learning with Augmented Reality – Zspace. Motlow State Community College. Webinar. Lynchburg, TN, April 30
  • “Free Thought.” African American Read – In. Motlow State Community College. Smyrna, TN, February 27
  • “Achieving the Dream and Data Integration.” Achieving the Dream Annual Conference. Long Beach, CA, February 20
  • “Moving the Needle and Why: Community College Structures.” Bedford County Chamber of Commerce. Celebration Grounds. Shelbyville, TN, February 5
  • “Leadership By The Pound.” McMinnville Young Professionals Group. McMinnville, TN, January 23
  • “Community College’s Today and the Future. (Interview). TUB Lighttbe with Jamie Tredwell and Chris Barstad, Channel 6. Tullahoma, TN, January 7


  • “Don’t Fence Me In!: Breaking Boundaries of The Classroom With Mixed Reality (MR). OLC  Accelerate. Orlando, FL, November 16
  • “We Can Be Heroes: Applying The Heroes Journey As A Framework For Online Course Design.” OLC Accelerate. Orlando, FL, November 13
  • “Students and the Idea of Community Building.” Fall Diversity Forum Student Forum. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, October 9
  • “Civil Discourse.” Fall Diversity Forum Keynote Address. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, October 8
  • “Lead from Where You Are.” Fall Diversity Forum Workshop. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, October 8
  • “Maintaining Creative and Collaborative Leadership.” Manchester Chamber of Commerce – Guest Speaker. Manchester, TN, September 4
  • “Developing Collaborative Connections: Workforce Development.” Murfreesboro Noon Rotary – Guest Speaker. Murfreesboro, TN, August 21
  • “Community Colleges and Connection: Workforce Development.” Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning: (Faculty Member). Washington State University. Pullman, WA, August 8
  • “Leadership and Gamechangers.” Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning: (Faculty Member). Washington State University. Pullman, WA, August 7
  • “Performance Funding and Fiscal Allocation for Student Success.” Smyrna Noon Rotary – Guest Speaker. Smyrna, TN, August 2
  • “Automation, Robotics, Simulation and Modeling: Jobs of today.” McMinnville Noon Rotary – Guest Speaker. McMinnville, TN, July 12
  • “Leading and Utilization of Emergent Technology.” Moore County Chamber – Guest Speaker. Lynchburg, TN, July 11
  • “Tennessee Promise Advantage.” TN Promise Summer Bridge Program. Lynchburg, TN, June 6
  • “Workforce Development and Student Preparation.” Smyrna Town Center. Smyrna, TN, May 17
  • “Leadership and Transitioning Into Expectations: Intentional Relationship Building for Success.” Tennessee Technological University. Teaching with Technology Graduate Class. Cookeville, TN, May 15


  • “Technology Kitchen: Sharing New Media, Innovative Tools, and Approaches to Integrating Technology into Online and Instructor-led Training Design, Development and Delivery in Post-Secondary Education and Workforce Settings.” Tennessee Alliance for Continuing Higher Education (TACHE). Memphis, TN, November 8
  • “The Internet of Everything (IoE): Strategic Planning for Emerging Technologies for Enhancing Teaching, Improving Learning, and Workforce Productivity.” Internet 2: US UCAN/K20 Initiative. Nashville, TN, October 24
  • “The 4th Dimension of Higher Education: Mixed Reality of VR, AR, and Holograms.” Online Learning Consortium (OLC) at the University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ, September 29
  • “Leading Innovation Through Emerging Technology: Training for Implementation. Instruction, and Assessment Using Virtual Reality.” Presented to the Unites States Air Force Air. University eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education (PME). Dickson, TN, September 15
  • “Minecraft and the Humanities: Net Surfing in Composition.” National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD). Austin, TX, May 30
  • “Building Effective Partnerships with Industry in Your Community.” National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE): ARC Summit. Knoxville, TN, March 30


  • “Minecraft and the Humanities: Net Surfing in Composition.” League of Innovation for Community College: STEM Tech 2016 Conference. Philadelphia, PA, November 8
  • “CoSpace, Coding, and Intelligent Design.” Nashville, TN, October 4
  • “Emerging Technology and Future Trends.” Nashville, TN, October 3
  • “Breaking the Code: Connecting Faculty and Students Through Innovation.” Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, TN, July 11
  • “Learner Experience Design.” Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, TN, June 9
  • “Intersectionality: It’s Not You, It’s What You Represent. Working with Today’s Student’s.” 103rd. Tennessee Conference on Social Work. Franklin, TN, April 5
  • “3D/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality: Unity Seminar and Coding.” Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, TN, July 30
  • “Universal Design and Accessibility.” University of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw, Poland, June 23
  • “The Community College Choice: Why Foreign Students Succeed at Community Colleges.” Foreign Language School. Cookeville, TN, April 17
  • “Curriculum Development: Defining Game Theory and Integrating Gamification to Support Learning Objectives.” Gallatin, TN, February 6
  • “Communication and Popular Culture: Using Information Communication Technology to Heighten Student Engagement.” Sumner County Schools. Gallatin, TN, February 2


  • “Journey Mapping: Creating Success Platforms for Veterans and Returning Adults.” Verizon Wireless Strategy Seminar. Nashville, TN, November 21
  • “Strategic Planning Using Mobilization and Emerging Technologies: Presentation to the Kentucky Higher Education Teams.” Renaissance Center at Freed Hardeman University. Dickson, TN, October 23
  • "Veterans Support: Accessing Educational Resources.” Tennessee Board of Regents Maxine Smith Fellows Presentation. Pellissippi State Community College. Knoxville, TN, September 24
  • “The Community College Impact.” Foreign Language School (FLS). Cookeville, TN, September 5
  • “Leadership and Change: Communicating, Observing, Responding, and Explaining (CORE).” Volunteer State Student Leadership Retreat. Barren River Lake State Park Lodge. Lucas, KY, August 14
  • “Xbox: Enhancing Teaching Interaction Creativity & Engagement.” Tennessee Board of Regents mEngage Leadership Academy. Walters State Community College. Morristown, TN, July 24
  • “Play Ball: Demo and Educational Engagement Benefits of 94Fifty Basketball.” Tennessee Board of Regents mEngage Leadership Academy. Walters State Community College. Morristown, TN, July 23
  • “The Mentor and Mentee Relationship: Making Good Rapport into a Robust Relationship.” Women in Higher Education in Tennessee. Volunteer State Community College. Gallatin, TN. (Keynote Address), March 7


  • “S.W.A.G.G.E.R.” Male Leadership Initiative. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Chattanooga, TN. (Workshop), June 19


  • "Embrace Diversity: Creating Culturally & Linguistically Competent ECE Environments to Foster. Child Positive Outcome.” Pennsylvania Department of Education. Harrisburg, PA. (Webinar), December 19
  • “Finding Me: Space and Place for Identity Development in Hispanic and African American Groups.” Moravian Academy. Bethlehem, PA, November, 16
  • “Reframing Online Microaggressions Through Reflective Judgment.” NASPA Annual Conference. Phoenix, AZ. (Presented with Dr. Ruth Harper and Jessica Lewis), March 13


  • “Redefining and Exploring Contemporary Institutional Partnerships through Inclusive Institutional Practices.” NASPA Multicultural Institute. Atlanta, GA. (Presented with Dr. Lisa Buenaventura and Dr. Kimetta Hairston), December 10
  • “Transforming Resistance in the Workplace through Social Justice and Change.”    NASPA Multicultural Institute. Atlanta, GA. (Presented with Dr. Lisa Buenaventura and Dr. Kimetta Hairston), December 9
  • “Engagement of Millennial Students Through Diversity: Situated Learning and Multiliteracies.” Lehigh Carbon Community College. Schnecksville, PA, April 15
  • “So They Say It’s In The Music: Hip Hop and The Global Village.” Office of Minority Affairs. South Dakota State University. Brookings, SD, April 5


  • “Healthy Eating: Nutritional Choices for the Young Child.” Schnecksville, PA, April 14
  • “Exceptional Children, Behavior, and Parenting: Success Behavioral Practices Begin at Home.” Lehigh Carbon Community College: Early Childcare Center. Allentown, PA, March 31
  • “It’s not About the Pizza, Plantains, and Pierogies …It’s the Program, Right? English Language Learners and Program Planning.” Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Indiana, PA, March 27
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Assessment of ELLs and Academic Language Use.” Head Start Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College.  La Plume, PA, March 24
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Integrating Language and Learning.” Head Start   Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College. La Plume, PA, March 17
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Differentiated Instruction and Sociocultural Identity. Head Start Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College. La Plume, PA, March 3
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Universal Design for Access to Multicultural Education. Head Start Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College. La Plume, PA, February 24


  • “English Language Instruction.” PA Northeastern Intermediate Unit #19. Archibald, PA, February 27


  • “Strategies for Honoring English Language Learners.” Penn State University. State College, PA, May 29


  • “Reading Primary Education: Children’s Literacy.”  Riverside West Elementary School. Moosic, PA, March 2
  • “Literacy Matters and Vonnegut.”  Riverside Jr. and Sr. High School: Grades 9-12. Moosic, PA, March 2


  • “Counseling Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Students.” Cookeville, TN, October 15
  • “Art Centers of Wroclaw.” University of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw, Poland, July 29
  • “Situated Learning and Literacy.” University of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw, Poland, July 28


  • “Literacy, and Culture.” University of Lower Silesia. Karpacz, Poland, July 31
  • “Multiculturalism, and Discourse.” Development and Diversity Conference. Cookeville, TN, October 16


  • “Race, Class, Gender within our Schools.” Cookeville, TN, October 17
  • “Kar2ouche: Using Multimedia as a Tool to Educate.” Nashville, TN, March 14


  • “Language and its Power: Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.” Brookings, SD, February 8
  • “Free Flow.” South Dakota State University Language Presentation. Brookings, SD, March 4
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