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Presidential Public Engagements


  • Speaker: Online Learning Consortium Innovate 2023.
    Leadership Summit - Part 2: Leading Digital Learning: Understanding the Needs and Priorities of Key Stakeholders, April 19
  • Speaker: Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) National Conference.
    Presentation: A Metaverse in Education: How AR/VR Can Deliver Learning Experiences Like NEVER Before! April 4
  • Speaker: Southern Regional Education Board, Open Educational Resources and Dual Enrollment Conference: Making a Case for Student Success, Powering Student Success: OER and Technology in Wrap-Around Services, March 2
  • Panel: Concurrent: The Power of Partnerships: Re-Engaging Adult Learners at Community Colleges. ATD Dream 2023. February 15


  • Keynote Introduction, The COMMENCEMENT “Ceremony” – A Book-Launch Party for Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education and a Tribute to the Future of Higher Education, December 20
  • Podcast Guest, Two Mikes & a Guest Podcast, Dr. Michael Torrence - College President, November 15
  • Panelist, Drive Electric TN “Momentum Summit”,Call for Curriculum: Educating an Emerging Workforce As the number of EVs continues to rise, so does the need for a new workforce. A panel for an academic perspective on new curriculums and trainings focused on EVs and EVSE, November 7
  • Presenter, 2022 Cocaine, Meth and Stimulant Summit, Developing Partnerships with Influential Community Stakeholders to Build the Recovery Ecosystem, November 3
  • In Person TV Interview, Soul of Warren County Full Video Interview, October 5
  • Speaker, Inaugural Virtual Reality and Healthcare Technology Transfer Conference, The Road Ahead: XR, September 29
  • Podcast Interview, IlluminatED, Episode 93: Bourbon and Learn with Dr. Michael Torrence, President of Motlow State Community College, September 25
  • HBCU C2 20-Minute Mentor Series, interview via zoom. Topic: T.I.L.T., September 19
  • Podcast Interview, "Dr. Bill Krauss talks to the 7th Seated President of Motlow College - WGNS Radio", August 11
  • "Live Chat" Q&A, Connected, Leading Higher Education, August 2
  • Panel, “Expand enrollment by improving digital equity and access”. Tonya M. Drake, Ph.D. Michael Torrence, Ph.D. Anne Clancy, MBA, EdD and Michael Kubit, June 28
  • Panel, Growing the CS and Tech Pipelines: Widening Access to Diverse Talent, Dr. Michael Torrence, President, Motlow State Community College GlobalMindEd Conference, Denver, Colorado, June 22
  • Speaker, Technology that Creates Inclusive GlobalMindED Faculty, Leaders, Grads and Employees, REMOTE - the connected faculty summit, June 8
  • Panelist, Have a Workforce Problem? Put a Blockchain on It! Horizons 2022, June 7
  • Speaker, Radical Collaborations to Impact Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) on STEM Pathways, NROC Webinar. May 19
  • Speaker, Round Table Universities Contribution to Gender Equality: a global perspective (IESALC) EN, May 18
  • Panelist, Workforce Development for the electric vehicle (EV) Ecosystem: Who’s going to build and service my EV?, May 12
  • Higher Education 5G HQ Spotlight Series Live Q&A, T-Mobile. May 4
  • Panelist, 2022 Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit (Rx Summit), Collegiate Recovery Communities: Presidents, Professors, and Peers, April 21
  • Speaker, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Innovate 2022 Conference, "Optimizing Blended Programming And Course Offerings: Leadership Perspectives", April 14
  • Speaker, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Innovate 2022 Conference, "Mapping The Ecosystem Of Workforce Education: A Leadership Panel On The Future Of Work", April 13
  • Speaker, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), Building Generational Talent: Infrastructure Workforce Opportunities in Tennessee and Beyond, March 31
  • Speaker, Technology for Educating the Undergraduate STEM Students of the Future "The Future Role of Technology in Undergraduate Learning", March 16
  • Speaker, Online Learning Consortium "The Ease of Growing OER Adoption", March 8
  • Speaker, OER In Dual Enrollment “An In-depth Look at Motlow State Community College’s OER in Dual Enrollment Program” February 24

  • Speaker, Reimagine: Workforce Development Institute, January 28


  • HI-TEC (High Impact Technology Exchange Conference), Panelist, Zoom, Session Title and Description:  Strategies and Successes: Best Practices for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, July 21
  • NACRO Panel Member - “Ask me Anything” "NACRO Roundtable: Demystifying Higher Education Partnerships & Measuring ROI Roundtable", June 16
  • SAM Panel Presentation. “Expectations of Leadership in Higher Education: Finding Opportunities In Times of Crisis.” Society for the Advancement in Management, March 19
  • Organizational Models For Leading and Administering Blended or Online Programs. Education Session. OLC, March 18
  • Every Learner Everywhere. Interview. OLC, March 18
  • International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association, March 5
  • Achieving The Dream, Spotlight Session February 15
  • Black History Month Webinar – TN Chapter of CUPA-HR, February 12
  • ‘Teaching Innovation and Training’, Tennessee Commission on Education Recovery and Innovation, Meeting and Workshop, February 12
  • Ripples and Fissures: Emerging Technology and its TILT (Teaching Innovation Learning and Training), January 7


  • Teaching Innovation Learning & Training (T.i.l.t.): The UNESCO Steam Project, December 19
  • Panel: “Fast-Changing Technology: Uses and Ethical Issues”. The Symposium on Imagining the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education, November 13
  • “Let’s Tell the Truth:  An Honest Discussion on Social Justice”. Panel. Association of College Unions International Region V Conference (ACUI RV) virtual conference, November 9
  • “Ripples and Fissures: Emerging Technologies and its TILT (Teaching Innovation Learning and Training)”. #DIMENSIONSXR2020 The International Congress of eXtended Reality in Sciences, October 21
  • “Community Conversations: Higher Education & Technological Preparedness.” Interviewed by Jimmy Haley on BLTV. McMinnville TN, August 11
  • “Game Changer Dialogue: Higher Ed Executive Roundtable.” Wallace Pond. Zoom, August 6
  • “Reading Recording: TTU Literacy Program.” Tennessee Technological University Freedom School Project. Recording – In Person, July 16
  • “HBCU Summit Keynote Address: The Future of Everything: The Educational Complex. Zoom. OLC Innovate, June 16
  • “Game Changer Dialogue: Higher Education Shifts in Response to COVID-19.” Wallace Pond Zoom, July 15
  • “So You Think You Can Build: Community College Summit.” Webinar. (Panelist). OLC Innovate, June 15
  • “Today’s Black Students and Professionals: Living in an Environment of Social Chaos. (Panelist). University Wisconsin-Whitewater. Webinar. Webex, June 9
  • “Leadership and Capability.” Speaker. GlobalMindEd. Webinar. Zoom, June 5
  • “Learning and Leading: What I wanted to know, wish I knew, and what I am still learning.” Panasonic Energy North America Engineering Internship Program. Tesla Gigafactory – 1. Sparks, NV, June 4
  • “AI and Tech: Closing COVID-19 Revealed Inequities.” GlobalMindEd, May 29
  • “Post Pandemic Models in Higher Education.” GlobalMindED, May 22
  • “National Treasures: Virtual Graduation.” GlobalMindED, May 15
  • “Strategic Decision Making for the COVID-19 Economic Crisis: Activating Change and transformation in Higher Education.” Panelist. National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy. Facilitated by Dr. Damon Williams. Webinar, April 30
  • “DEI & COVID-19 Strategy Webinar. Panelist. National Inclusive Excellence (NIXLA). ZOOM, March 23
  • “Blowing Up Motlow State Community College: VR and Healthcare.” International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, TN, March 3
  • “Institutional Transformation Through Guided Pathways at Rural Community Colleges: Community College Research Center.” League for Innovation in Community Colleges. Seattle, WA, March 2
  • “African Americans, the Vote, and Civil Discourse.” Keynote Speaker. University of Tennessee Space Institute. Tullahoma, TN, February 26
  • “Urgency and Commitment.” Boy Scouts. Brookings, SD, February 20
  • “Leadership and Change: Developing the Future of Work.” Jacobs. Tullahoma, TN, February 11
  • “Workforce development Institute: Motlow Snapshot.” American Association of Community Colleges Workforce Development Institute. Amelia Island, FL, January 24


  • “Apple Coding Academy. Presidential Kickoff.” Panelist. Tennessee State University. Nashville, TN, July 19
  • “Gaming and Virtual Reality.” GlobalMindEd. Denver, CO, June 6
  • “Inclusive Leadership and Equity.” GlobalMindEd. Denver, CO, June 5
  • “Online Learning and Higher Education.” Panelist. United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). Nashville, TN, May 23
  • “Teaching and Learning with Augmented Reality – Zspace. Motlow State Community College. Webinar. Lynchburg, TN, April 30
  • “Free Thought.” African American Read – In. Motlow State Community College. Smyrna, TN, February 27
  • “Achieving the Dream and Data Integration.” Achieving the Dream Annual Conference. Long Beach, CA, February 20
  • “Moving the Needle and Why: Community College Structures.” Bedford County Chamber of Commerce. Celebration Grounds. Shelbyville, TN, February 5
  • “Leadership By The Pound.” McMinnville Young Professionals Group. McMinnville, TN, January 23
  • “Community College’s Today and the Future. (Interview). TUB Lighttbe with Jamie Tredwell and Chris Barstad, Channel 6. Tullahoma, TN, January 7


  • “Don’t Fence Me In!: Breaking Boundaries of The Classroom With Mixed Reality (MR). OLC  Accelerate. Orlando, FL, November 16
  • “We Can Be Heroes: Applying The Heroes Journey As A Framework For Online Course Design.” OLC Accelerate. Orlando, FL, November 13
  • “Students and the Idea of Community Building.” Fall Diversity Forum Student Forum. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, October 9
  • “Civil Discourse.” Fall Diversity Forum Keynote Address. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, October 8
  • “Lead from Where You Are.” Fall Diversity Forum Workshop. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, October 8
  • “Maintaining Creative and Collaborative Leadership.” Manchester Chamber of Commerce – Guest Speaker. Manchester, TN, September 4
  • “Developing Collaborative Connections: Workforce Development.” Murfreesboro Noon Rotary – Guest Speaker. Murfreesboro, TN, August 21
  • “Community Colleges and Connection: Workforce Development.” Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning: (Faculty Member). Washington State University. Pullman, WA, August 8
  • “Leadership and Gamechangers.” Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning: (Faculty Member). Washington State University. Pullman, WA, August 7
  • “Performance Funding and Fiscal Allocation for Student Success.” Smyrna Noon Rotary – Guest Speaker. Smyrna, TN, August 2
  • “Automation, Robotics, Simulation and Modeling: Jobs of today.” McMinnville Noon Rotary – Guest Speaker. McMinnville, TN, July 12
  • “Leading and Utilization of Emergent Technology.” Moore County Chamber – Guest Speaker. Lynchburg, TN, July 11
  • “Tennessee Promise Advantage.” TN Promise Summer Bridge Program. Lynchburg, TN, June 6
  • “Workforce Development and Student Preparation.” Smyrna Town Center. Smyrna, TN, May 17
  • “Leadership and Transitioning Into Expectations: Intentional Relationship Building for Success.” Tennessee Technological University. Teaching with Technology Graduate Class. Cookeville, TN, May 15


  • “Technology Kitchen: Sharing New Media, Innovative Tools, and Approaches to Integrating Technology into Online and Instructor-led Training Design, Development and Delivery in Post-Secondary Education and Workforce Settings.” Tennessee Alliance for Continuing Higher Education (TACHE). Memphis, TN, November 8
  • “The Internet of Everything (IoE): Strategic Planning for Emerging Technologies for Enhancing Teaching, Improving Learning, and Workforce Productivity.” Internet 2: US UCAN/K20 Initiative. Nashville, TN, October 24
  • “The 4th Dimension of Higher Education: Mixed Reality of VR, AR, and Holograms.” Online Learning Consortium (OLC) at the University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ, September 29
  • “Leading Innovation Through Emerging Technology: Training for Implementation. Instruction, and Assessment Using Virtual Reality.” Presented to the Unites States Air Force Air. University eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education (PME). Dickson, TN, September 15
  • “Minecraft and the Humanities: Net Surfing in Composition.” National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD). Austin, TX, May 30
  • “Building Effective Partnerships with Industry in Your Community.” National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE): ARC Summit. Knoxville, TN, March 30


  • “Minecraft and the Humanities: Net Surfing in Composition.” League of Innovation for Community College: STEM Tech 2016 Conference. Philadelphia, PA, November 8
  • “CoSpace, Coding, and Intelligent Design.” Nashville, TN, October 4
  • “Emerging Technology and Future Trends.” Nashville, TN, October 3
  • “Breaking the Code: Connecting Faculty and Students Through Innovation.” Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, TN, July 11
  • “Learner Experience Design.” Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, TN, June 9
  • “Intersectionality: It’s Not You, It’s What You Represent. Working with Today’s Student’s.” 103rd. Tennessee Conference on Social Work. Franklin, TN, April 5
  • “3D/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality: Unity Seminar and Coding.” Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, TN, July 30
  • “Universal Design and Accessibility.” University of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw, Poland, June 23
  • “The Community College Choice: Why Foreign Students Succeed at Community Colleges.” Foreign Language School. Cookeville, TN, April 17
  • “Curriculum Development: Defining Game Theory and Integrating Gamification to Support Learning Objectives.” Gallatin, TN, February 6
  • “Communication and Popular Culture: Using Information Communication Technology to Heighten Student Engagement.” Sumner County Schools. Gallatin, TN, February 2


  • “Journey Mapping: Creating Success Platforms for Veterans and Returning Adults.” Verizon Wireless Strategy Seminar. Nashville, TN, November 21
  • “Strategic Planning Using Mobilization and Emerging Technologies: Presentation to the Kentucky Higher Education Teams.” Renaissance Center at Freed Hardeman University. Dickson, TN, October 23
  • "Veterans Support: Accessing Educational Resources.” Tennessee Board of Regents Maxine Smith Fellows Presentation. Pellissippi State Community College. Knoxville, TN, September 24
  • “The Community College Impact.” Foreign Language School (FLS). Cookeville, TN, September 5
  • “Leadership and Change: Communicating, Observing, Responding, and Explaining (CORE).” Volunteer State Student Leadership Retreat. Barren River Lake State Park Lodge. Lucas, KY, August 14
  • “Xbox: Enhancing Teaching Interaction Creativity & Engagement.” Tennessee Board of Regents mEngage Leadership Academy. Walters State Community College. Morristown, TN, July 24
  • “Play Ball: Demo and Educational Engagement Benefits of 94Fifty Basketball.” Tennessee Board of Regents mEngage Leadership Academy. Walters State Community College. Morristown, TN, July 23
  • “The Mentor and Mentee Relationship: Making Good Rapport into a Robust Relationship.” Women in Higher Education in Tennessee. Volunteer State Community College. Gallatin, TN. (Keynote Address), March 7


  • “S.W.A.G.G.E.R.” Male Leadership Initiative. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Chattanooga, TN. (Workshop), June 19


  • "Embrace Diversity: Creating Culturally & Linguistically Competent ECE Environments to Foster. Child Positive Outcome.” Pennsylvania Department of Education. Harrisburg, PA. (Webinar), December 19
  • “Finding Me: Space and Place for Identity Development in Hispanic and African American Groups.” Moravian Academy. Bethlehem, PA, November, 16
  • “Reframing Online Microaggressions Through Reflective Judgment.” NASPA Annual Conference. Phoenix, AZ. (Presented with Dr. Ruth Harper and Jessica Lewis), March 13


  • “Redefining and Exploring Contemporary Institutional Partnerships through Inclusive Institutional Practices.” NASPA Multicultural Institute. Atlanta, GA. (Presented with Dr. Lisa Buenaventura and Dr. Kimetta Hairston), December 10
  • “Transforming Resistance in the Workplace through Social Justice and Change.”    NASPA Multicultural Institute. Atlanta, GA. (Presented with Dr. Lisa Buenaventura and Dr. Kimetta Hairston), December 9
  • “Engagement of Millennial Students Through Diversity: Situated Learning and Multiliteracies.” Lehigh Carbon Community College. Schnecksville, PA, April 15
  • “So They Say It’s In The Music: Hip Hop and The Global Village.” Office of Minority Affairs. South Dakota State University. Brookings, SD, April 5


  • “Healthy Eating: Nutritional Choices for the Young Child.” Schnecksville, PA, April 14
  • “Exceptional Children, Behavior, and Parenting: Success Behavioral Practices Begin at Home.” Lehigh Carbon Community College: Early Childcare Center. Allentown, PA, March 31
  • “It’s not About the Pizza, Plantains, and Pierogies …It’s the Program, Right? English Language Learners and Program Planning.” Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Indiana, PA, March 27
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Assessment of ELLs and Academic Language Use.” Head Start Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College.  La Plume, PA, March 24
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Integrating Language and Learning.” Head Start   Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College. La Plume, PA, March 17
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Differentiated Instruction and Sociocultural Identity. Head Start Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College. La Plume, PA, March 3
  • “Educating English Language Learners: Universal Design for Access to Multicultural Education. Head Start Programs of Scranton/Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Keystone College. La Plume, PA, February 24


  • “English Language Instruction.” PA Northeastern Intermediate Unit #19. Archibald, PA, February 27


  • “Strategies for Honoring English Language Learners.” Penn State University. State College, PA, May 29


  • “Reading Primary Education: Children’s Literacy.”  Riverside West Elementary School. Moosic, PA, March 2
  • “Literacy Matters and Vonnegut.”  Riverside Jr. and Sr. High School: Grades 9-12. Moosic, PA, March 2


  • “Counseling Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Students.” Cookeville, TN, October 15
  • “Art Centers of Wroclaw.” University of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw, Poland, July 29
  • “Situated Learning and Literacy.” University of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw, Poland, July 28


  • “Literacy, and Culture.” University of Lower Silesia. Karpacz, Poland, July 31
  • “Multiculturalism, and Discourse.” Development and Diversity Conference. Cookeville, TN, October 16


  • “Race, Class, Gender within our Schools.” Cookeville, TN, October 17
  • “Kar2ouche: Using Multimedia as a Tool to Educate.” Nashville, TN, March 14


  • “Language and its Power: Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.” Brookings, SD, February 8
  • “Free Flow.” South Dakota State University Language Presentation. Brookings, SD, March 4
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