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Honors Alumni Association

Honors Alumni

We created the Motlow Honors Program Alumni Association to encourage school and community involvement from Honors Program Alumni. We have many purposes, but our main goals are to raise revenue for Honors scholarships, to mentor current Honors students, to assist with recruiting future students, and to encourage continued connection with fellow alumni. For many Honors Program alums, the Honors Alumni Association is a way to maintain friendships made in the Honors Program and to remain a part of the Honors Program family.


While we consider everyone who was in the Honors Program an alumnus, only those who participate and give a yearly $25 donation or volunteer 15 hours or more are considered active members. However, a $250 donation ensures lifetime membership. All membership donations directly fund Honors Alumni Association Scholarships. Donations, no matter how big or how small, and volunteers, for one minute or one hour, are always appreciated.

How to get involved

The Honors Alumni Association wants all Honors Program alumni to be a part of the Association and its activities. Alumni can get involved in the Honors Alumni Association through:

  • Mentoring current Honors students
  • Recruiting future Honors students
  • Fundraising events
  • Helping at Honors Program events
  • Chaperoning Honors Program trips
  • Fellowship with other alumni

Like the Honors Alumni Association Facebook page to stay up to date on everything we’re doing.

Honors Alumni Scholarship

In an effort to assist current Honors Program students and to foster connection with future alumni, the Honors Program Alumni Association created a one-time, $250 scholarship, specifically for Honors Program students. We hold various events throughout the year to support the Association, this scholarship, and the Honors Program.

Advisory Board

The Motlow Honors Program Alumni Association has an advisory board of five members and a chair and vice-chair, elected from the alumni body. The chair and vice-chair are elected each year, and terms for board members last two years and run July 1-June 30. Board members may serve consecutive terms upon nomination and election of the alumni body. While board member appointments are for two years, we staggered the terms for the first year, and half of the initial appointments will serve for only one year.

Honors Faculty Award

Each year, the Honors Program Alumni Association recognizes one Honors Program faculty for his or her outstanding contributions to the Honors Program and to students’ education. We invite Honors Program students to vote for the Honors faculty who has made the greatest impact on their time at Motlow and to share why he or she is deserving of the award.

The winner is recognized during the spring semester, at the Honors Program’s annual Honors Symposium.

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